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Hair Weaving DVDs

Create your own wigs!  Advanced weaving dvd's show you how!  Learn step by step from hair weave specialist Tarsha Woods.  These instructional hair videos will teach you weaving and wigmaking techniques that will increase your clientele and take you to the next level as a hair weave specialist.  Great for both professionals and students.

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Sewing machine wig making

Weaves for Severe Hair Loss

Vixen Sew In

How to make your own Silk Base Closure


Skin Weft

U Part wig making

Quick Wigs

Micro Weave

Undetectable Strands

Hair Ventilation

Properly installing Lace Closures

One Hour Weave


Malaysian Weave

Clip Weave

EZ Weft

Spider Weave

Cap Weave

Invisible Part Quickweave

Invisible Part Sew in

Skip Track extensions

French lacing

Wig making

Net weave

Eyelash extensions

Updos for weddings


Micro ring wefts

The Closure

How to make your own Silk Base Closure-$35

Wig Making DVD-$35

Make your own custom wigs.  This dvd will show you wigmaking techniques using a wig base, not a stocking cap.   Our #1 selling DVD!


The Malaysian Weave DVD-$35

The Malaysian Weave is a braidless sew in that uses tiny micro rings as an attachment.  Learn step by step from Tarsha Woods how to perform the Malaysian Weave and increase your income.


Quick Wigs DVD-$35   Watch as Tarsha Woods shows you how to make a wig in 30 minutes!!


The Closure DVD-$35

Make your own closure.   This instructional dvd will teach you step by step how to make your own human hair closures.

Hair Ventilation DVD (Lace Front Wig Making)-$35

Make your own lace front wigs, lace frontals, and lace closures with this hair ventilation dvd.

Net Weave DVD-$35  Net weaves are great for clients who are thinning or balding.  Watch the net weave dvd as it shows you step by step, including adding the closure, how to do this technique.

EZ Weft DVD-$35  Learn how to do a full weave in 20 minutes or less!   Watch Tarsha as she performs this technique with no braiding or sewing.  Learn to increase your weave volume with EZ Weft, and shorten your weaving time.


Spider Weave DVD-$35  Learn how to create and master the Spider Weave Technique.


Rubberband Weave DVD-$35   Learn from Tarsha Woods how to perform the Rubberband weaving technique.  The Rubberband weave is simple to do and a good money maker!


Eyelash Extensions DVD-$35  Learn how to apply strip and individual lashes profesionally from Tarsha Woods

Skin Weft(Seamless) DVD-$35

This skin weft dvd shows you how to apply seamless extensions with double sided tape.  Also includes maintenance and removal.

The Lace Weave DVD-$35

Micro Weave DVD-$35    Create the illusion of a full head of micro braids in half the time

Bonded Weave DVD-$35   Learn how to attach human hair extensions using the bonding method.  Cut and style included.

Interlocking DVD-$35

Sew in Weave with Closure (full cap) DVD-$35     Learn how to do a full cap weave with a closure.  Cut and style included


Clip weave DVD-$35

Microlinking DVD-$35      Learn how to apply strand by strand extensions using micro rings.

Updo's for Weddings DVD-$35   Create glamourous updos for weddings and special events.

Micro Ring Wefts DVD-$35  Learm how to attach micro rings to wefts, then wefts to the natural hair.  NO SEWING, NO GLUE, NO BRAIDING.

Invisible Part Quickweave DVD-$35

Eyebrow Threading DVD-$35   Learn the ancient art of hair removal with the use of thread.

French Lacing DVD-$35  Learn the French Lacing technique.  Sew in weave creating the foundation with elastic thread.  Lasts for up to 2 months.  Increase your clientele with this method


1 Hour Weave DVD-$35   No braiding, no thread, no sewing, no glue.  Fast and flat this is one of the hottest weaving methods!  Applied in only 1 hour.

Wig Weave DVD-$35

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